VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1 Diagram

I wasn’t able to locate a complete diagram for SRM that included both the various services PLUS the communication ports, all rolled up into a deploy-able topology,  so I took it upon myself to gather the information I needed, and build something that would work for me as a reference tool as well as a conversation piece.

The design seen is an actual POC design I’m working with in a live enterprise network (sandbox vCenters and clusters). The result of it all is a topology diagram with vSphere and SRM ports and protocols baked right into it.

If you are interested in obtaining a PDF version of this diagram, click here.

SRM 6.2 2-site Topology

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3 thoughts to “VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1 Diagram”

  1. I really liked the way how you integrated all DR components under one graph. I believe this can be used in many training sessions to simplify DR concepts. I really made good use of it and I am very thankful for your efforts.

    Good job!

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